Fixed Price Model

This model is based on assessment of customer requirements. iDigitalMind proposes cost and time for such work. Typical fixed price models are for website design and development, eCommerce design and development, Mobile app design and development, Custom application design and development, Data science and analytics development and AI/ML development. The most critical point is the scope and clarity of requirement for fixed price model to work successfully. If the scope changes, the cost will change based on complexity of scope change along with assessment of rework.

Time and Money model

This model is suitable when the requirements are still in progress and based on resource time consumed, our customers are billed either per hour or per day. This model is sometimes also suitable when our customer requires a specific skilled resource for certain number of days to augment their existing team of developers. Client can manag e the project or can outsource specific requirement to be developed under iDigitalMind supervision.

Resource as a service/
Developer as a service

This is very similar to Time and Money but for a specific technology requirement. The resource is outsourced to customer and works on customer’s instructions on required skillset and project. This model has a minimum period for resource to be hired.

Platform as a service

There are certain platform which iDigitalMind has invested. Customer/s can use one of these platform at a monthly charge. Customers can even come with its own idea and iDigitalMind can co create this platform and can operate the platform based on as a service model.

Code as a service

We keep developing and innovating code to automate or solve specific business challenges. These codes can be used based on CaaS or through one time purchase.

Infrastructure as a service

We can manage and migrate your application on our infrastructure. We can build, operate and deploy new development as a service on our infrastructure such as AWS or Azure. We also have ready made code for infrastructure build and deployment which can be used based on IaaS model.