Doctors Platform

This is a platform for specialist doctors to manage medical records, appointments and medical history safe, secure and searchable. This is built on AWS.

Dashboard -This is one screen where you find the full picture of your workspace. This contains consolidated statistics about your folders, number of patients, number of doctors, messages in your DrBox. Each of these statistics has links to view the details. This dashboard also contain two reports -

  • a) Reminder list

  • b) Appointments of patients for each or all the doctors

Manual Folder & Files -This is where you can create folders and sub-folder and upload files within these folders. Creation of folder/s and file/s are manual. You can collaborate by sharing files with anyone by entering email address and sharing link.

Automatic Folders & Files -This is important for Doctors. This screen can be managed using two options -

1. Calendar-where you can create a doctor based on date of appointment.
Click the doctor name and you will see a pop-up where you can go to patient folder creation level. While you go directly to patient folder, Doctors folder, year folder, month folder and date folders are automatically created.

2. You will see a patient folder created with the following folder automatically created inside this patient -

  • a) Questionnaire -This has a pre-defined questionnaire for patient history gathering.
    This can be emailed to patient. Once the patient fills this, it gets saved in patient's folder.

  • b) Invoices -You can upload or manage all invoices related to this patient.

  • c) Investigation-tests -You can keep all the investigation results here for the patient.

  • d) Documents -You can upload all documents related to this patient here.

  • e) Consent -You can gather patients consent and signature electronically by emailing this consent forms to the patients email address.

Trash -If you delete a file or folder in DrBox, it gets deleted from that folder but doesn't completely delete. It goes to trash or bin. You can still recover this file/folder from trash. Shared folders and files -It shows you all the files and folder that are shared with anyone. You can remove the sharing at any time.

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This is very handy document management platform on cloud for small to medium sized hospitals.
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